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It is the mission of CRCSD to ensure all learners experience a rigorous and personalized learning experience so they have a plan, a pathway and a passion for their future. Founded inCRCSD is the second largest district in the state and is heralded for its nationally-recognized academic programs, experienced and qualified faculty and staff, and rich diversity in enrichment and extracurricular activities. Previous Slide Next Slide. Kindergarten Registration is now underway for school year.

Please select the banner image to learn more. Take the Time to fill out the Census information. Click the banner to learn more. This is just a brief update on key items, as we move through this week. As we prepare to embark on our Continuous Learning Plan which was submitted to the Iowa Department of Education and approved earlier this week together, it is critical that we gather information from each household and for each student regarding how best to communicate with the child ren in your care through the coming weeks.

Please complete the short survey you received via email by 5pm tomorrow, April Please access this document to learn more about our Continuous Learning Plan. We also remain steadfast in our dedication, as educators, to the academic wellbeing of the child ren in your care.

wwcr email

The Cedar Rapids Board of Education would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has stepped up over the past couple weeks to support the students, staff, and families of the Cedar Rapids Community School District. It has been extremely encouraging to see our residents, businesses, and organizations come together during this time of crisis.

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Reynolds ordered an extension to the school closures through April 30th. The closures will continue to impact all Cedar Rapids Community School District programming, including before- and after-school activities, all athletic and extracurricular practices and competitions, and all weekend events.

Coronavirus Update March 17, Wednesday, March 18, As a district, we will be following Governor Reynolds' recommendation. Governor Reynolds will be making an additional public announcement tomorrow and we will communicate with families again, following those remarks, with details regarding how we will move forward together in the coming weeks.

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wwcr email

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wwcr email

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WWCR Nashville. Thread starter ridgescan Start date Sep 16, Status Not open for further replies.

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What is with the garbage signal every single time from this station? I get more copyable stuff from the other end of the planet. Trying to listen to Alex Jones' ranting or Glen Hauser's loggings gets annoying in short order. Is it their equipment or what? How are you guys getting them? BrigPilgrim Member. Joined Dec 23, Messages 21 Location Wisconsin. The other times and freq's are hit and miss for me.

Their signal is crap here too. The only station I get a decent signal from maybe half the time is from Radio Havana. I've had the same problems with WWCR Up here in MA it's pretty hit or miss; I occasionally try to catch Alex Jones during the week but the fading in and out is just too much to handle sometimes. A lot of times I have to really try and focus on the sound and try to hear what he's saying through the static and fading; it's not much fun.

CLynch7 Member. I can barely get them during the day, but could be my antenna orientation. I think it's all about where WWCR is pointing the power and it aint this way. Alexander describes the signal quality best about that annoying fade. Joined Feb 24, Messages 0 Location Virginia.We hope you will find the information about various programs and services we offer at WWRC to be helpful.

Our clear and compelling mission is to help individuals with disabilities along their courageous journey to employment.

The partnership between WWRC and DRS places the highest priority on leveraging our relationships with business and industry in combination with our award-winning vocational and medical rehabilitation services to create pathways to employment for consumers we serve. In the more than three decades that I have been a part of the staff at the Center, I have been blessed to witness many extraordinary stories of our clients.

We enjoy a strong legacy of service to people with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Among other key goals, WWRC helps people with disabilities discover their abilities so they can plan for a career. We help our youth go through their important transition into adulthood and employment with services that enhance and enrich their readiness to enter the workforce. The Center also offers medical services that help individuals with disabilities overcome obstacles to independence and their employment as well as an array of wrap-around-supports that aid consumers in reaching their employment goals.

The partnership between WWRC and DRS places the highest priority on leveraging our relationships with business and industry in combination with our award-winning vocational and medical rehabilitation services to create pathways to employment for our consumers.

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Along with our Agency partners and through engagement with people with disabilities, community agencies, and related programs, the Center provides opportunities for a brighter, more productive, higher quality of life because of employment.

The Center offers a combination of workforce driven training, transition services, medical rehabilitation, as well as residential, and recreational programs and services. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon at WWRC. We accomplish this through our 2 national job boards: www. WWRC is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all consumers. WWRC does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status consistent with Policy 3.

No person, on the basis of protected status, shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation under any WWRC program or activity.

Rights and remedies for individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination are described within the policies listed above. Learn about our policies on gathering information, plug-ins and more. Please contact the Webmaster Team with any technical questions regarding this website. On January 18,the U. The rule requires adherence to the new accessibility standards twelve months from its date of publication.

The goals of the WWRC's accessibility plan are:. Read the full Director's Message. Mission : Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center provides people with disabilities comprehensive, individualized services to realize personal independence through employment.

Values : We are committed to professional standards, good stewardship of resources, full accountability and the well-being and dignity of others. Video Showcase. CVS - Disability Awareness. Life Skills Transition Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.Crane Company, Inc. This is a quick-reference list of frequencies from each country which carry some English and which may be heard in North America. Many are easily heard; some are difficult and rarely audible.

My Account Sign in to access your exclusive insider benefits. Register Here. Please note that due to limited staffing, hold times may be longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding!

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Your basket is currently empty. AM FM Radios. No SW frequency operates 24 hours. You may not hear anything unless you are listening at the right time, or you may hear another language, or you may hear some other country sharing the frequency. Many countries are better heard in non-English broadcasts. Explore the dial and you will hear many fascinating things, including exotic music.

Some stations only air a few minutes of English; or only in ID announcements Mexico ; or only language lessons Ecuador. Country of origin is shown. Many of the frequencies are relayed from elsewhere. In the case of China, all of them shown below are relays. Don't assume any particular frequency is actually coming directly from the originating country.

Longer frequency lists for these give you more chances to hear something directed elsewhere. More than one station may be involved under some countries, or even outside broadcasts to that country Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan. Many of the strongest signals from strictly religious broadcasters in the US and elsewhere are not shown.

Crane is located in Fortuna California - the heart of redwood country and radio. Crane is located in northern California, and our surrounding areas are a natural paradise.James M. McCanney, M. Physics - - Official Home Page. Background pic Karat Bars - trade your worthless fiat money for gold in affordable gram amounts - with the imminent collapse of the fiat dollar this is one of the most important moves you can make Tesla Tower Project Sub-Page.

Miscellaneous Science Related Briefs. How to Study From This Page. Then there are over 15 years and counting of my commercial free radio shows. One woman listened to one show per day for what she called the best education of her life. It took her 2 years and 2 months to complete.

This still does not include a good deal of work going on in the background. This web page is not a quick sound byte page nor one that repeats catch phrases over and over again.

If you are here for a quick "summary" you are in the wrong place. This page and related material has a serious amount of content inter-relating in a consistent manner the many aspects of the cosmos based on my work Everyone has to learn at their own pace.

But what I have found is that those with the most "education" are those most adverse to changing their long held belief systems. Do not expect to mix your old ideas with what you find here. But why would you spend a lot of time learning about the Electric Universe a term I coined to represent my work and which unfortunately has been copied by countless internet quacks.

It is a complex topic and the electrical nature does not manifest itself easily. It is ever present but very subtle. Most people including so called plasma physicists really do not understand this. Simply put So you have to know where to look and what to look for. However, what is more important for the average person is how this affects your daily lives.

You will learn that here. Y ou have to understand that there are many levels of science. What are presented to you are Tiers 2, 3, and 4 fairy tale science pawned off on the public. Tier 1 science is the science you never see. That is what you will learn on this page. But also you will learn about the forces behind science and who owns and controls science as well as scientists. In general, those "scholars" in Tiers 2, 3 and 4 have no idea that there is an entire layer of science above them of which they know nothing.

Start by reading my books in the order published OR "The Diamond Principle" is a good book to start with since it summarizes earlier books and analyses today's complex world with eyes from the future. Then return and read the books to gain understanding.Enter Username. Remember Me. The agent is a dynamic interface designed for the streamlined handling of all contact center interactions, regardless of channel.

Based on exhaustive research, it is a simpler, more efficient and engaging way for agents to positively interact with customers.

Agent :. Streamlines the workflow with intuitive, context-sensitive controls Empowers agents to personalize interactions with customer data and information in seamlessly integrated panels Optimizes collaboration within the contact center and beyond with presence—aware address books Enables agents to pace contact handling according to current conditions by displaying real-time statistics for agents, teams and queues. The dynamic, context-sensitive supervisor interface is purpose-built for the needs of supervisory staff, providing them with single-point access to crucial performance information and the ability to intervene when necessary.

Supervisor :. Improves the ability to manage agents with real-time performance metrics Streamlines the listen, coach, barge, and takeover process for live interactions Optimizes SLA levels with real-time monitoring and the ability make adjustments to resolve shortfalls Simplifies the management of agent skill assignments and proficiencies Enables on-the-go access with a mobile-aware, HTML5 design.

All Rights Reserved. Contact Us Blog.You can help us start new cancer cures.

WWCR Shortwave 3215 Khz from USA on soft66rtl SDR receiver

What we do. Scientists across the world are ready to challenge cancer. With your support, we can fund their research and save lives. Because the answers to cancer could be found anywhere, we fund projects across the world.

This means that every minute and every hour of every day, scientists we fund are working towards finding a cure for cancer. Behind every cancer victory, there's a scientist. We introduced Sandy to Professor Steve Jackson, whose research led to the development of a cancer treatment that saved her life. Every hour counts.

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Will you help us fund the next ground breaking discovery? Being bold saves lives You can help us start new cancer cures What we do. Every day, cancer affects people we love. We fund bold new research that uncovers ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it. Will you help us back the bold?

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Research will bring us back together. Leave a gift in your will. Give through your payroll. See all the ways to support us. See the projects we're funding. Thanks to research, twice as many people survive cancer today How research is helping people. Sandy meets the scientist who saved her life Behind every cancer victory, there's a scientist.

wwcr email

Read Sandy's story. Why haven't we cured cancer? Read more.

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Adam's story — the heart-breaking reality of losing both parents Read more. Research will bring us back together Read more. See all stories. The hour you fund, could be the hour that saves lives. Donate now.

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