Used telescope mounts

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We want to turn your used gear into new equipment or cash! This program is vital to astronomy outreach on a global scale, connecting a network of volunteers and telescopes across the world to provide astronomy education and raise awareness for astronomy as a hobby and science.

If you would like to donate your equipment directly to Astronomers Without Borders, let us know! You determine the value of your equipment. Reach out to used telescopes. Submissions are reviewed and we'll contact you with any questions we might have along with a price for your used telescope, mount, camera or accessory.

If you like the price, we'll send you a shipping label. It couldn't be easier!

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Don't forget! Brand and Model Number. We'd also like to know the year, if known. Please include info and pictures of any instruction manuals, accessories and any original packaging you might have. Be sure to get detailed pictures of your equipment, including close up images of any wear and tear or blemishes.

used telescope mounts

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Astrophotography P2: Choosing \u0026 Using Telescope Mounts

Imaging Source Camera on Sale! Please use the guideline below for your submissions: 1. Provide information about the working condition of the item you're selling. A phone number we can reach you at. Information on packing material, box sizes and packed weight. Pick up address so we can provide you with a shipping label. Featured Products. Quick view. Add To Cart. Out of stock.Astronomy - Software 7 ads. Barlows 14 ads. Binoculars 21 ads. Binoviewers 5 ads.

Camera Lenses 32 ads. Cameras FILM 1 ad. Cases 11 ads. Diagonals 22 ads. Eyepieces ads. Filters 80 ads. Finders 13 ads. Focusers 60 ads. Meteorites 4 ads. Mounts - Alt Az 37 ads.

used telescope mounts

Mounts - Equatorial ads. NightVision 4 ads. Observatories 9 ads. Solar Filters 14 ads. Spotting Scopes 6 ads. Telescope - Astrographs 15 ads.


Telescope - Catadioptric 78 ads.Learn More Orion Telescopes offers portable altazimuth and equatorial models for small telescopes to the most advanced computerized mounts for large-aperture telescopes.

Orion also stocks professional-quality field tripods to support spotting scopes, binoculars, and cameras. Prices valid only while supplies last and are limited to stock on hand. Products on sale or subject to promotional offers are limited to two units per customer. Large volume orders are subject to special order policies — contact our Customer Service Department for additional details.

Now an employee-owned company, we pride ourselves on an unswerving commitment to best quality products, value and unmatched customer care. Orion offers telescopes for every level: BeginnerIntermediateAdvancedand Expert.

From our entry level beginner telescopes for amateur astronomers to our Dobsonian telescopes to our most advanced Cassegrain telescopes and accessoriesyou can find the best telescope for you.

Because we sell direct, we can offer you tremendous value at a great price. Not sure how to choose a telescope? Orion's Telescope Buyer's Guide is a great place to start. Orion binoculars are known for quality optics at a great price. We offer binoculars for every viewing interest, including astronomical binocularscompact binocularswaterproof binocularsbirding binocularsand sport and hunting binoculars. Orion's telescope and astrophotography accessories will enhance your telescope enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Used Telescope Mounts & Tripods

Expand your viewing experience with accessories ranging from moon filters to power-boosting Barlow lenses to advanced computerized telescope mounts. Capture breathtaking photos with our affordable astrophotography cameras. And when you're stargazing, Orion's telescope cases and coversobserving gearred LED flashlightsastronomy books and star charts will make your observing sessions more convenient, comfortable and meaningful.

At Orion, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion for astronomy and astrophotography with the amateur astronomy community. Visit the Orion Community Center for in-depth information on telescopesbinocularsand astrophotography. You can find astrophotography "how to" tips and share your best astronomy pictures here.

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Please enable javascript in your browser. List your item in 30 seconds! Explore scientific ed Featured Explore scientific ed telescope, orion equatorial skyviewpro mount, explore scientific q70 lens orion correct image right-angle lens, orion true tr The reason I am selling it is that I am getting older and want to downsi I am upgrading to a cooled camera.

I have taken many great images with this Orion eon apo full setup for advanced users.

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This is brand new equipment and comes with everything you'll need including an atuguide camera attachment for HD imaging. Its never been used except f We're the online marketplace for pre-owned telescopes and astronomy gear. What can you sell on TelescopeTrader. Sell a telescope, sell astronomy equipment, sell my telescope, sell telescope accessories, sell telescope online, sell telescope parts, sell telescopes online, sell used telescopes.

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Used telescopes and telescope accessories can be a great option when working with a tight budget. When you purchase a High Point Certified Pre-Owned Telescope or Accessory you are investing in a used telescope or accessory that has gone through a rigorous inspection process.

Open Box - Refers to a product that was opened at our warehouse for the purposes of showing a customer. Additionally, this product could have been sent to a customer and upon arrival, they determined the item did not fit their needs.

All open box products come with a full manufacturer warranty. Excellent - Refers to a used telescope or accessory with slight wear that is only visible under close scrutiny. All optical elements are flawless void of scratches or fingerprints. All original accessories, software if applicableinstruction booklets and packaging is present.

Covered by a 90 Day High Point Warranty. Good - Refers to a product with visible signs of wear that can include minor scratches, smudges, and dings. Comes with fully protective packaging that may or not be original. Original accessories are present. Fair - Refers to a product that is worn but continues to be fully functional. Signs of wear can include multiple scratches, smudges, and dings. Optics may have dust but function at a high level. Original instruction manuals may be missing. Protective packaging will be supplied to ensure safe shipment of the used telescope or accessory.

Each Certified Pre-Owned Telescope or Telescope Accessory offered by High Point Scientific passes a rigorous, multi-point inspection that covers optical elements, electronics and exterior moving and weight bearing parts. During this process, each Technician notes the wear areas associated with each piece of equipment and assigns a corresponding grade. Demo or Open Box items come with a full Manufacturer's Warranty. We buy used telescopes and used telescope accessories!

Typically, we purchase mid-range to high-end used telescope equipment. There is a large selection to choose from either way, although a good number of relatively inexpensive beginner imaging cameras often come in color only. While a color camera may be easier to master, a monochrome astro-imaging camera is nice because you can shoot in black and white, or you can add an external color filter wheel to the system and image in color. In fact, some monochrome cameras come with an internal filter wheel!

used telescope mounts

Regardless of whether the filter wheel is internal or external, most of the time you will need to buy the filters themselves separately. While this is a huge subject, here is the takeaway: A color camera is a good choice if you want to end up with color images but don't want the added expense and learning curve of a monochrome camera and filter wheel.

However, a monochrome camera will grow with you as you add accessories to expand its capabilities. The magnification factor, also known as "power", is listed as the first number given in a binocular's name, like 7 x 50, 8 x 40, etc. In the first example, these binoculars magnify an image 7X more than if you were looking at that image with the "naked eye". When talking about zoom binoculars, the magnification is listed like this: x That means the binoculars have a zoom mechanism that takes the power from 7X to 21X as far as the eye can see.

Please note that it doesn't matter whether there is spacing between the numbers or whether the "X" is upper- or lower-cased. Don't always assume that more magnification is better! The more power, the harder it is to keep the image stable when hand-holding binoculars. Most people can comfortably hand-hold up to an 8X most popular for birdingbut after that, you may or may not need a tripod for a shake-free view This item is in stock and typically ships in 1 day or less.

Replaces the standard SynScan hand controller.Capture that perfect comet photo. Track Saturn all night. Count sunspots from your backyard. Our technical resource documents will get you there. Email: matt cloudbreakoptics. Just added to your cart. Continue shopping. Used Gear. Used - 8 Yellow Filter. Vendor Orion. Used - 1. Regular price Sold out.

Buy Used Telescopes & Accessories from Top Brands

Vendor Astromania. Vendor Thousand Oaks. Vendor Meade. Used - 2" ND 0. Vendor Explore Scientific. Used - 25mm Sirius Plossl. Used - 5mm Blocking Filter. Vendor Coronado. Used - 8x40 Finder Scope. Vendor Astronomik. Vendor Optica. Vendor Losmandy. Vendor Astro-Physics.

Vendor Hahnel. Vendor Starizona. Used - Infinity Color. Vendor ATIK. Vendor Lumicon. Used - of 2" H-Beta Nebula Filter Vendor ZWO.

Vendor OPT.This entry was posted on 27 September by Filippo Bradaschia. In fact, in order to take picture of celestial objects by using telescopes, it is essential to have an automatic tracking system to capture stars apparent motion: the mount. This feature is very important in astrophotography since we can take long-exposure pictures and obtain a precise tracking. Furthermore we can observe perfectly sharp-like stars all along the captured field, thanks to systems which control and, if necessary, correct tracking errors automatic tracking system.

Because of this, it is essential to choose carefully the most suitable mount for our needs when we select an astrophotography telescope: I suggest to choose carefully the mount that even with a small optical tube can assure high-quality pictures; by using a big-sized optical tube and a small mount instead, you won't probably be able to capture satisfying images of any celestial object.

I Found More Used Telescope Stuff for Sale in One Place Than Can Be Humanly Possible

According to the different types of tracking and design, telescopes mounts are divided into two main classes:. Furthermore, it is necessary to use heavy counter-weights in order to place the telescope. Equatorial mounts though, offer an accurate tracking of celestial objects and, therefore, are considered as the most suitable mounts and are used with amateur telescopes, in order to take long-exposure astrophotographs.

The choice of the mount, depends above all on the optical tube which it has to support.

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In fact, various mounts offer different load capacity namely the heaviest weight of the optical tube that a mount can carry. When we have to select the mount, we should consider that the load capacity limit is usually considered for a visual use while for a photographic one it should be divided by 2, since a perfect stability of the mount is required for astrophotography especially while taking long-exposure astrophotos.

It is equally important to consider the telescope's focal length and, therefore, the magnification produced by the optical tube. Obviously, a larger telescope's focal length leads to higher magnification and therefore it will be possible to capture smaller details.

Higher magnification however, requires a higher tracking precision and this should be considered as well, since there are various types of equatorial mounts and they offer different tracking accuracy. Generally, commercial mounts are suitable for long-exposure astrophotography if the shooting focal length is lower than mm. SkyWatcher EQ6 or SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 are among the most used models because they can take long-exposure astrophotos using well-equipped telescopes with mm focal length and carry even kg loads.

When choosing a suitable mount for a telescope, the equipment is very important. Above all, a mount should at least have the sidereal tracking motor, which is positioned on the Right Ascension axis. But, with the arrival of digital photography, this is not considered sufficient anymore to assure good quality images. By that, the mount can automatically point and track celestial objects. Make sure to have the polar telescope available or, if not possible, to have it at least as an optional accessory we suggest to order it together with the mount in this case.

Finally, it is very important to consider the transportability of the mount, since they are usually quite heavy. In fact, in order to assure a perfect stability for both visual and photographic use, mounts can be not only big, but also very heavy sometimes heavier than kg. Affiliate Program. Computerized Mounts. Multi-Purpose Mounts.

AZ Mounts. Equatorial Mounts. Mount Heads. Drive Master Controllers and Encoders Adapters. I talk about the best kinds of telescope mounts for astrophotography, and take you on a session using one to capture a celestial object. This video goes through the different types of telescope mounts and their purpose to help you make an informed choice. Telescope mount, what to choose.

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